Saturday, September 29, 2007


At long last... Bill is back running his blog and photographing. This spring and summer has been a rather difficult time personally and this has greatly impacted my photography for a while. I am now starting to dig back out from the morass of difficult experiences and finding the joy in my photography. When I teach about the 4 components of creating a great photograph, component number 4 is conditions. We usually are thinking about weather (wind, heat, cold,etc) but I always finish with the thought that our emotional state can greatly influence our creativity. I experienced this full force this spring and summer, but things are starting to get more on an even keel.
Pellissippi State Technical Community College (where our oldest son has decided to go for the time being just out of HS) has a balloon festival every fall. I haven't been in about 12-13 years (back in the days of film) and was pleased that the festival was held on a weekend without away soccer tournaments (I coach and our youngest plays). I was able to shoot the "glow" on the opening night. If you read this today (Saturday Sept 29) the festival is still going on with tethered balloon rides. The weather and lighting is great. You might want to visit Clay Thurston's Photography booth in the Arts and Crafts section while you are there.
I will be posting much more regularly now. Thanks.

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