Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cusco Peru

Flying into Lima, getting 3 hours of sleep and then back to the airport for the trip over the Andes to Cusco was not fun. The worst part was being stopped at Customs in Peru and being told that I had to pay a "guarantee" because of my equipment. They said they would return the money when I left with my cameras.. I've never been charged before to bring my cameras into a country and this is my 3 different continent in 10 months.. Oh well. I'll post if I get my money back.. Makes me think twice of bring a tour down here.
Altitude isn't too bad yet. I'm surprised because the altitude is 11,000 feet. I do have a headache that I get the first couple of days at altitude, but some coca tea helped a lot. I'm asking Rebecca to do a literature search on the effect of coca tea on altitude sickness. If it keeps up, I might buy some coca leaves from the street people and chew on them. And I really think I need a new pair of boots. I must have been asked today to have my boots shined at least 30 times.. And that was just going out after lunch and coming back by 4pm. I like my boots just the way they are, with character.
Leave tomorrow to go to Wayquecha Biological Research Station to meet Gabby. She called the other night from there on sat phone as internet is out. I have a feeling is still out because she hasn't posted on her web and hasn't answered my emails. This may be my last post for about a 10 days unless they get the internet back up. She said there are lots of birds and about 40 species of orchids blooming right now. Yippee.. Stayed tuned. Once I'm with Gabby and can use her MacBook to process a few images, I will post some here..
Buenas Tardes mis amigos


Paul Hassell said...

Looking forward to seeing the images Bill.

Press on!

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