Tuesday, January 9, 2007

BCPB #2: Never wait till later

I woke up this morning to my wife saying it was snowing and it was a good chance to get some snow images on the Cumberland Plateau. I got ready and snow was still coming down hard with already an inch or so on the ground. As I walked out the door, at least 6 male cardinals were sitting in one of our trees, waiting their turn at the feeder. I weighed my options and decided to get some images of the birds in the snow. After an hour, I packed everything up, got in the Suburban, and headed toward Wartburg and the Cumberland Trail. By the time I got to Coalfield (half way there), there was no snow and it was starting to rain. I was really glad that I had stopped to get some images while it was still snowing. This brings up one of my credo, whenever an image or situtation presents itself, never say-"I'll shoot this later." Because later may never come. The light will be different, your subject might be gone, the snow might have melted (as it did by the time I got back to Oak Ridge). Rule #1, if you see something worth taking a picture of, stop and get your image because you may never get a second chance.


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