Monday, June 14, 2010

Images from Bon Secour

Here are some images from the tar balls on Bon Secour.
Joel Sartore, National Geographic photographer, is down here too, trying to get
some images to represent what is happening.. He said that Barataria Bay was area most hit by recent oil, but seems like the oil has receded and now just dealing with the aftermath, not new oil.
Will be venturing to Fort Jackson on Wednesday to take pictures of rehab..
Will try to get out to Barataria Bay tomorrow or Thursday.. May go to Grand Isle tomorrow.
Each day is a new adventure. There is no consistent source of information to know what is going on where. I was headed here yesterday until I looked at paper and internet yesterday morning and realized that Bon Secour NWR was being hit.
Still trying to go to new areas to document for long term project..

Think real hard before you pull into a BP station to get gas..

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Eric Bowles said...

Wow! Great post. It really hits home when I see the images you have posted and read your comments.