Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil on Beaches in Alabama

Off for my second trip. Spent this am on Pine Beach in Bon Secour NWR. Tar balls as far as the eye could see. On the beach, floating in the surf. Some very fresh. Some the size of marbles, others spread out the size on a dinner plate. Cleanup work has started, but there were new tar balls where the sand had already been scraped and cleaned up. Heavily oiled water and soda bottles (Coke is generic for soda in the South, ask anyone in my family).
Heard that POTUS was headed down to AL/MS/FL today. Saw Marine 1 cruise the beach while I was out shooting. I was the only person on the beach. Some heavy equipment lined up to work, but no work until about time I was leaving (10 am). Spoke to some locals who said President was supposed to be coming to Bon Secour this afternoon. Secret Service had been around for a week. Don't know if he will be here or not. Second time he and I have missed each other!
Headed to Venice, LA. Will get a chance to go into Fort Jackson facility where they are rehab ing birds. Thanks to Jamie Clark and Cindy Hoffman of Defenders for the Press Pass.
Still looking to get into the marshes again and also head into area where most wildlife being affected.. May get to post some images tonight on blog. Now just taking a break to get Press Pass figured out.. Stayed tuned.. Things are looking worse. We are definitely in this for the long run.
Thanks to Rebecca for being so understanding so close to our wedding!

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