Thursday, August 27, 2009

ARRGGHHH, Lightroom

Ok, it's my fault, but I just spent the past day reconnecting folders that I moved outside of Lightroom.. For those of you using Lightroom, a word of caution, move folders (within a HD or to different HD) within Lightroom.. Otherwise you will be reconnecting for a while.. So, the big HDs are up and going, but transferring everything (and making sure there are backups) is proving to be a painstaking task.. Once this is done, it should go smoothly from here on out..

Some of you may know that I lost my father to an accident this April (actually the accident was in September 2008, but he held on for a long time) and then my niece in May.. It is amazing how emotional drains like this can really affect your creativity.. I am just getting back into the swing of things and hope this fall will be good for photography and my soul..

I am putting together teaching for 2010 and am working on the website now... Have a trip planned to South Africa in December with 2 friends.. One is the editor of Nature's Best for Kids, an online publication (now, started out as a print publication). Hope to bring back great images of Africa and maybe some unusual images ( light painting and HDR and time lapse).. We'll see how things work out..

Here is the last in the Jewels found.. Monarch in full glory..

PS-- have moved 300+ GB so far.. on my hard drives...

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