Friday, August 21, 2009

Backyard Wildlife

For about a week I have been seeing a flock of turkeys in our neighborhood. Yesterday I found and turkey feather in the driveway.. This morning while coming home from errands, the flock was ambling across my neighbor's front yard.. I have made it a practice to keep my photo bag and tripod in the back of the car to be able to shoot at a moment's notice..
I pulled out the 200-400 Nikon (eat your heart out Canon users) and my D700.. I decided to use my monopod (usually only use it for sports, but it fit this situation) and started working my way closer.. Finally got a good shot.. I'll spread some corn out in the woods in my back yard and see if I can lure them in closer.... Who knows, if they stick around for a while, maybe we'll have wild turkey for Thanksgiving....

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