Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boy is my back sore.. We've been renovating our waterfall/ pond and I took the mortar and rock that we took out of it to the landfill and unloaded the pickup by myself by shovel and hand, all 1900 pounds of it..
Made it harder to bend over and squat today when I was outside shooting some flowers and designs in the yard..

I was going to share one of those today, but I played with my images from Canada and one of my HDR (High Dynamic Range) images came out very nicely.. This is a combination of multiple exposures (in this case 5 different exposures)..
I use Photomatix Pro to combine them ( I used to do this in Photoshop, but Photomatix is much easier and quicker)..

After a couple of people said "wow" when I showed off the image, I thought it would be nice to post.. Just one of the types of photographic techniques I will be teaching in some of my classes in 2010..

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