Monday, August 24, 2009

Jewels while converting

No, not religions or sex, but converting images from multiple hard drives to one hard drive (with 2 backups).. I have just gotten three 1.5 terabyte drives to put in my Burly Towers and will be pulling all my images together onto one drive (the other 2 are backups).. I still have lots of older digital images that have not made it into Photoshop Lightroom (v2) yet and this will allow me to organize everything efficiently in Lightroom and into one large photo folder..

If you are a photographer and are wondering how to manage your images, look no further.. Lightroom is the way to go.. Apple has an alternative-- Aperature, but most photographers have jumped on the Lightroom bandwagon.. Most everything you need to do to an image can be done in Lightroom, and without knowing how to use Photoshop (which can be very daunting to the uninitiated).

I will post some stats as I go through the conversion process.. I'm hoping to find some more jewels like this one ( Monarch caterpillar).. I will actually be posting 2 more stages over the next 2 days so you can get a glimpse into the raising of a monarch butterfly..

Stats today before jumping into conversion are
RAW 1 -372 GB,
RAW 2- 80 GB,
PSD - 65 GB,
Legacy - 400 GB
HD 3 and 4 - 40 GB

So a total of 800 GB of images to be transferred.. After transferring I will have

1 Photo HD
1 PSD (Photoshop work) HD
1 Movies HD (these are HD movies I've shot and Time Lapse Movies I create)
1 Work HD (teaching files, Website files, created music for slide shows, articles, book manuscripts)..

These 4 HDs will be backed up each time new data is written to them.. Each one will also be backed up once a week with a removable drive and store offsite... This is the triple redundancy that you will here about when talking to IT (read computer geek) people..

Should be fun.. I will also share backup software I find to make the automatic backups easier.. But remember, I'm on a Mac, so all you who haven't converted to the Light, I might not know what's best for the PC, but I will look around for you guys too... Or you can go down to the Mac store and pick up your first Mac.. tell them Bill sent you..

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