Sunday, August 30, 2009

Window with a view

As I was sitting at the computer, transferring files (in LightRoom), Joe said, "Hey Dad, there's a deer eating your wildflowers in the front yard.".. I went to the front window which overlooks the yard and flower garden and, sure enough, a doe was comfortable downing my wildflowers like I had set a buffet table for her.. I grabbed my 200-400 and handheld out the window (ISO 400 with VR turned on) and started snapping.. She ambled her way down the yard and then paused to leave us a present.. Talk about lack of gratitude for not chasing her of or putting out things to scare deer off.. I might have to rethink this open attitude about deer in the yard if they are all going to be this indignant about eating out.. still seeing the flock of turkeys in the neighbor.. Rebecca wants me to catch one to fatten up for Thanksgiving.. Might not be a bad idea..


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