Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I saw a wonderful movie the other night with my Rebecca.. "Julie and Julia".. As Rebecca says, it is not a chick flick but a food flick.. I disagree on both accounts.. it is a flick about challenging yourself and learning about yourself and overcoming obstacles, no matter what.. I have picked up the gauntlet thrown down in the movie (at least in my head and life) and am rising to the challenge. I am going to be offering teaching again about photography, digital photography and Lightroom (with a little Photoshop thrown in) starting in 2010.. I am working on the dates and schedule right now and should be posted soon on www.billcampbelldigital.com.. I have also challenged my self to make images at least 5 days a week.. I would like to post an image every day, but right now with the strain of still working a lot in the ER, 5 days is a good compromise.
As a nature/ travel and fine art photographer, I find myself always thinking about light and lighting.. Maybe that's where my son gets his love and joy of lighting from.. He runs the lighting at church, local playhouse and other events around town.. Has lightboards and lights of his own and still has time to play HS football.. We shot a staged image of him this Sunday after service for the local newspaper article on kids doing volunteer projects.. I am so proud of him and what he does and his convictions.. I love to teach adults photography, but this next year I will probably offer at least one session for teenagers.. Still in the works so keep looking..
Here is Joe and his passion...

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